Let Us Give Thanks

Thanks for the beautiful sun and moon,
for friends and family, who didn't leave us too soon.

And let us pray for those not as fortunate as we,
may they find comfort and peace from our Heavenly King.

Give thanks for waterfalls, stars and twilight,
and thanks for the warm beds we sleep in at night.

Let's give thanks for the feast as we gather 'round...
and thank God for His blessings, as they abound.

And even give thanks for the day that is here.
Give thanks every second, every moment of the year.

Be thankful for the ones you hold close in heart.
Give thanks that they love you, and make you feel apart.

Let's offer thanks for our country, may we still live in peace.
Let us pray as we gather over this glorious feast.

Give thanks for your blessings, be they big or small...
each one is special, and we should count them all.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, please remember what it means...
and let us pray for those who don't have anything.

Please remember as you sit at your table tonight...
there are those in the cold, with no food in sight.

Let's give thanks for those working in shelters all day...
feeding families, feeding children... for them, let us pray.

Let's give thanks for this nation with its joys and its loss.
Give thanks for your freedom, for it came with a cost.

Give thanks for the ones that you treasure and love...
To the Heavenly Father, residing above.

Through Him we are here, celebrating today.
Give thanks for His Love on this Thanksgiving Day.

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