How To Remove & Delete Cookies

We at RiverSongs do not support the use of cookies to spy on website visitors or otherwise use them to gain information on users browsing habits. RiverSongs find this practice obtrusive, and in that manner we consider it an invasion of privacy. However, cookies can be useful at times and we do use them ONLY from our mailing/sending form to assist users in the mailing process. This is not to say that you can not get cookies by visiting other parts of the site, as we have numerous links to other sites, and do not control their use of cookies. We do recommend you remove unnecessary cookies to protect your privacy on a regular basis from chrome, firefox, opera, & internet explorer browsers. If you would like a cookie free start page to use when you open your browser, simply make this Cookie Free Page your start page.

Web cookies are simply small information packets placed on your computer when you browse websites. Not all websites have these, but many do. Websites use cookies so they can track what you are viewing, and although they won't necessarily know you by name, the website will recognize your computer when you come back to visit again. Although in some cases they are useful, most of the time they are used in tracing your browsing habits for advertising purposes. Cookies alone can not read your hard drive for information such as, "who you are", "what your income is", or "where you live". But if you input that information on a website that uses cookies, that information could well be stored in that particular cookie.

What to do:

Although there are numerous software programs to help you remove unwanted internet junk from your computer, there are plenty of ways to do it yourself without paying additional dollars. To remove most ALL the downloaded files you have collected by browsing the internet you could choose to clean your browsers cache: Go to Start, then Programs, then Accessories, then System tools, and click on Disk Cleanup. Special Note: disk cleanup will remove nearly all of the temporary internet files regardless of their type. It may then take you longer to load pages of sites you visit regularly because you have removed the images that you have already downloaded from those sites, (you will have to download them again). However, if you have high speed internet you probably won't notice. This method may not get rid of all the cookies, so if you use this method you should manually check the Temporary Internet Files folder manually. It is also advisable to defragment your system after you have used disk clean up.

The video tutorial below will guide you through the process of deleting cookies from Internet Explorer browsers.

How To Remove & Delete Cookies Video

Helpful Utilities To Remove Cookies

Rather than going through all the steps to clean cookies from multiple browsers such as chrome, firefox, opera, & internet explorer, you could simply decide to use a cleaning utility that will remove your cookies and system cache all at the same time. Important note: some come with registry cleaners, you should back up your registry before cleaning the registry. AND if you are not comfortable with working on your computer at a registry level, then you might avoid using the registry cleaner feature.

Malware Scanner & Remover

CCleaner, protect your privacy & make your computer faster and more secure.

Glary Utilities