The lake java ecard App has now depreciated beyond usability. However, you can still view the plain image versions of these past java greeting cards. These free java greeting cards are made to share with mobile smartphones & computers. Both users viewing mobile greeting cards and computer users will view java style image cards.

Java Style Cards

Angels Spirit Card

Romantic Sunset Greeting Card

I Love You Java Ecard

Ocean Beach Greeting Card

My Wishes For You Card

Splendor Of Friendship Ecard

You may feel free to email up to 5 free java greetings in a 24 hour period of time per sending form, should you need to send more lake cards for him or her, or for any other reason, try the alternate mailing envelope near the plus icon of all the java style ecards. Thank you for using RiverSongs java greeting cards to touch the hearts of your friends & relatives! We hope he or she will feel the warm affectionate wishes and kindness that you have expressed for them through our java style ecards!

Java Flower Cards

Spring Butterfly Card

Love From A Friend Ecard

Friendship Rose Card

Pink Thank You Rose

Friendly Flower Greeting Card

Coffee Quotes

September 29 is International Coffee Day, so have a cup of java!

It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity. (Dave Barry)

Special Java Cards

When You Need A Friend Card

God Bless You Ecard

Have A Great Day Greeting Card

Through Christ Ecard

Hang In There Greeting

Coffee Heart

Most coffee drinkers already know that coffee helps the GO. This occurs because coffee activates contractions in your colon & intestinal muscles, effectively moving things along to help your flow make the GO.