Message To The Fatherless

Alone and abandoned; the smiles you fake.
He brought you into this world, but you feel you're a mistake.
Can't recall when he last held you or was ever truly there.
Emotionally he's absent; he seems to never care.
You strive for his approval; long for his concern.
He lets you down as always; you wonder when you'll learn.
Nails of sadness pierce your heart---day after day.
You feel forsaken, you hope it will change.

I can see the emptiness---with you I have cried.
I understand the loneliness of being denied.
I share in the pain of being forsaken.
I relate with the nails and the abuse you have taken.

I want to carry every burden that is weighing you down.
I want to give you hope and a smile for your frown.
I want to assure you, you are here for a reason.
These sorrowful times are only for a season.

You felt you were fatherless, but your real daddy is Me.
For I'm the one who formed you before you ever came to be.
I have great plans for you. I'll mend your broken heart.
If you give your life to Me, I will never depart.

Sweet child, I love you---more than you understand.
Despite your brokenness, please trust Me and take My hand.
I'll lead you down the path of Truth that will surely make you free.
No matter what comes down that road, you can always count on Me.

Though trials come into your life, and it seems there is no way.
There is a peace I have for you---to get you through each day.
Please don't listen to the lies you hear---that your life is not worth while.
For I don't regret creating you. I'm proud that you're My child.

© 2000 Elizabeth T. Brandt

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