How To Copy & Paste

There are numerous applications you may wish to use copy and paste for. You might wish to copy and paste a URL, (a website link), from your email to your browsers window. Or perhaps you might like to do the opposite and copy a URL and paste it into your email to send to a friend. Often times you can copy & paste from one program to another.

Using your mouse, place your cursor at the beginning of the text in the box below, and click and hold the left mouse button while dragging from one end of the link to the other. Release left button of your mouse. The link should now be highlighted. Place your cursor over the highlighted text, right click and choose 'copy'. Position your mouse cursor in the text boxes below, right click, and select 'paste'.

Basic example, Highlight & COPY This:

Practice Pasting Here:

Practice Pasting Here:

Once you begin to feel comfortable with the steps needed, feel free to open a second browser window. Copy and paste the RiverSong's main page link to the address window of your other browser window. After you highlight the above RiverSong's link and copy it, you highlight the existing URL in your browsers window, right click on it and choose paste.

You now have the link, (URL) in the your browsers address window, simply press enter or click "go" from your browsers window, to go to the link.