Merry Christmas!

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1. Whose birthday is being celebrated on Christmas Day? [A]
2. Who is the mother of Jesus? [A]
3. What season was Jesus actually born in? [A]
4. What does the name Immanuel mean translated? [A]
5. What city was Jesus born in? [A]
6. Name the three kings that went to see baby Jesus. [A]
7. In what direction did the kings see His star? [A]
8. What gifts were presented to baby Jesus? [A]
9. What does the word Christ mean? [A]
10. Who wrote O Come, All Ye Faithful? [A]
11. What holiday is considered larger than Christmas? [A]
12. Who was the Christian leader from Myra? [A]
13. Where can you find the real Christmas story? [A]
14. What did Nicholas do with his inheritance? [A]
15. In legend, what did St. Nicholas drop down the chimney? [A]
16. Where did it land? [A]
17. What Christmas song includes Glory to the newborn king? [A]
18. What Christmas song includes Let every heart prepare Him room? [A]
19. What Christmas song includes The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth? [A]
20. In the Christmas song Silent Night, what words follow Silent night? [A]
21. What color of a Christmas am I dreaming of? [A]
22. What is Tiny Tim famous for saying? [A]
23. Name 3 items contained in Egg Nog. [A]
24. What letter does the Christmas candy cane resemble? [A]
25. What does the white in the candy cane represent? [A]
26. What reindeer names does Santa Claus call out? [A]
27. In the Grinch that stole Christmas, what was 2 sizes too small? [A]
28. What is the night before Christmas? [A]
29. On Christmas eve what snack is placed out for Santa? [A]
30. Who is supposed to open the first Christmas Gift? [A]
31. Name the famous Christmas movie which was in New York. [A]
32. What is the name of the Christmas snowman? [A]
33. What are the most popular Christmas time colors? [A]
34. Where can we exchange kisses at Christmas time? [A]
35. What is green, needs watering, and fills the house with an aroma? [A]
36. Who makes the best online Merry Christmas greeting cards? [A]
37. What was so good about the red nose that Rudolph had? [A]
38. In the polar express movie what was chosen as the first Christmas gift? [A]
39. What Christmas movie did Ebenezer play in? [A]
40. What is the nutcracker? [A]
41. Name the popular red Christmas flower. [A]
42. What items are generally put in Christmas stockings? [A]
43. On Christmas day how do you greet others? [A]
44. Where is Santa Clauses workshop located? [A]
45. In the song, how many days of Christmas? [A]
46. What is the meaning of a partridge in a pear tree? [A]
47. What do the 9 Ladies Dancing represent? [A]
48. Robert L. May created what Christmas character? [A]
49. Why is Christmas often shortened to Xmas? [A]
50. Today instead of being called Christmas season, it is called? [A]
51. What popularized the image of Santa Claus in 1931? [A]
52. The words hear them ring are found in what Christmas song? [A]
53. Who plays his drums to honor Jesus? [A]
54. From now on our troubles Will be miles away is in what Song? [A]
55. Name the somewhat spicy, edible Christmas house. [A]
56. John Horsley made the first Christmas card in what year? [A]
57. How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish? [A]
58. December 25th was chosen for the Christmas celebration by? [A]
59. In America, Christmas was declared a Federal Holiday when? [A]
60. Who published the Christmas Carol in 1843? [A]
61. What might a Canadian say on Christmas day? [A]
62. Who first conceived the idea of a Christmas tree? [A]
63. Who is credited with the first of placing lights on Christmas trees? [A]
64. What were the first tree ornaments? [A]
65. Name a popular Christmas cake. [A]
66. In the early 1900's what was so expensive that it was rented? [A]
67. What is the busiest Christmas shopping day? [A]
68. Instead of Christmas stockings Dutch children often used? [A]
69. A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in what year? [A]
70. Thurl Ravenscroft, sang what song in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? [A]
71. Name the 4 ghosts In the movie A Christmas Carol. [A]
72. In what TV show was the Christmas tune Silver Bells Introduced? [A]
73. Is Deck the Halls a true Christmas carol? [A]
74. Was Jingle Bells originally made for Christmas? [A]
75. Which country does the Christmas song Silent Night originate from? [A]

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