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Cookies: We at RiverSongs only use cookies from our sending forms to remember your own personal preferences for emailing greeting cards. We do not use cookies from any websites in our network for any other reason. We feel that the use of cookies to obtain information about and from users is an invasion of users privacy, regardless of what any other website may contend. Cookies can be useful & harmless, however numerous websites have taken advantage of this to exploit information about its visitors. Please note that our site does contain links to numerous other external sites, & the practices of those sites is beyond our control. We do however have a "cookie tutorial" which explains what a cookie is and supplies you with removal information.

Subscriptions: To ensure that all of our users are completely opt-in, we have a
double opt-in confirmation process for joining our riversongs newsletter. A user must not only input there email address but they must also input some sort of security word, code, image, or set of numbers. This makes it necessary for any user to confirm their subscription via email prior to them being added to the newsletters database. This prevents anyone from randomly adding fraudulent email addresses into the newsletter database, via the sign up form. Again, the practices of external sites or linked sites is beyond our control. Please note however that our affiliates have privacy policies of their own, (we recommend you read them, as they may differ from ours). Before subscribing or using our services in any manner, please review or Terms Of Service.

Unsubscribing: Currently in every newsletter that is sent, we include two methods of removal. A subscriber can simply click on a link within the newsletter to unsubscribe, or they can use the reply to feature in their email to ask to be removed. Users may also unsubscribe from the website subscription form. Again, the practices of external sites or linked sites is beyond our control, however most newsletters contain removal instructions within each and every newsletter. Should a visitor subscribe to a newsletter and later determines that they would like to unsubscribe, they must follow the procedures for each Advertisers' or Affiliates' newsletter.

Exclusion: Users who are receiving unwanted emails from those whom they have supplied their email address to and are not complying with their wishes to halt, may use this contact form to request exclusion from our services. Please note, this will prevent that email address from being used for emailing any greeting cards to or from that email address.

Security: collects no information that is stored on any of our web servers, as we do not directly collect any information, (other than standard server & security logs). Again, the practices of external sites or linked sites is beyond our control.

Abuse: If someone does abuse our system in any form, we may disclose their IP address and any pertinent information about them to law enforcement agencies or other organizations involved in apprehending that person. We also reserve the right to ban email addresses and IP addresses from our sites and servers.