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Promise Ring Poem

I give you this ring
as a promise to you,
a promise that I'll be here
and I'll always be true.

I promise that I'll hold you
when your day isn't going right,
and I will comfort you
through the long cold night.

I promise that I'll make you smile
when you feel like dying.
I promise that I'll be here
when you feel like crying.

I promise that I will guide you
when the future isn't clear.
I promise I will be there
to wipe away your every tear.

I promise that no matter what
we will make it through,
I give you this ring as a promise,
A promise that I will always love you.

Promise Ring Poem "I Promise"

I promise to always love you.

I promise to always care.

I promise I'll always be there.

I promise to keep you close.

And never let you slip away.

I promise my life is in your hands.

I promise I'll be honest to you.

And submit to your demands.

I promise to never leave you.

I promise to stick it through.

I make these promises,

Because I love you.

I promise to be your everything.

And to your finger I slide on a reminder.

Of everything I say.

This is my promise ring.

I'll give everything I have.

Just so I can be happy with you.


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