New Year Trivia Quiz
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1. When do the Chinese celebrate their New Year? [A]
2. The first New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square happened in? [A]
3. The Jewish New Year is called? [A]
4. What does Auld Lang Syne mean? [A]
5. Where is one of the largest annual New Year's Eve celebrations? [A]
6. How many fireworks are set off from the Sydney Harbour Bridge? [A]
7. How do they celebrate the new year in Edinburgh, UK? [A]
8. What does Hogmanay have to do with new years? [A]
9. Where is a centenary clock is lowered at 23:59:48 on new years eve? [A]
10. What occurs during Watch Night services? [A]
11. On new years eve what is a First Night celebration? [A]
12. Name one of the top 10 New Year resolutions. [A]
13. Name the most popular New Year's Day parade. [A]
14. When was Pasadena's Valley hunt clubs first parade? [A]
15. How much does New York's Waterford crystal ball weigh? [A]
16. When does the crystal ball begin lowering in Times Square? [A]
17. In some countries what do they do with Christmas trees on New years day? [A]
18. What is Father Time? [A]
19. In what state is a pine cone dropped on New Year's eve? [A]
20. What state drops a purple beach ball decorated with Christmas lights? [A]
21. What city is a countdown done with an elevator? [A]
22. In what countries is New Year's eve a public non-working holiday? [A]
23. What is known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival? [A]
24. What does Rosh Hashanah mean? [A]
25. What is eaten to symbolize a sweet new year in Rosh Hashanah? [A]
26. What country celebrates from April 13 to 15 by throwing water? [A]
27. In the ancient Roman calendar when did the new year begin? [A]
28. What year did they first drop the New Year's Ball in New York's Time Square? [A]
29. When was the first new year holiday observed? [A]
30. What New Year tradition began in Greece around 600 BC? [A]
31. Where can you find the best online new year ecards? [A]

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