Mothers Day Trivia Quiz
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1. When was the first Mother's Day observed? [A]
2. Where was the first Mothers Day celebrated? [A]
3. Who is the youngest mother in history? [A]
4. How old was she? [A]
5. According to the Bible, who is the Mother of all the Living? [A]
6. Who is the oldest mother in history? [A]
7. What mother who holds the record for the shortest interval between 2 children? [A]
8. What mother who holds the record for the longest interval? [A]
9. What is the highest officially recorded number of children born to 1 mother? [A]
10. The average number of children that women today can expect to have? [A]
11. Where are the flowers you buy mom for mothers day grown? [A]
12. How many women have babies in the average year? [A]
13. What is the median age of women that give birth for the first time? [A]
14. What are the odds of a mother delivering twins? [A]
15. What is the most popular month in which to have a baby? [A]
16. What is the most popular day of the week in which to have a baby? [A]
17. What is the percentage of mothers in the labor force with infant children? [A]
18. What is the number of single mothers living with children under 18? [A]
19. Who is credited with founding Mother's Day? [A]
20. What states were the first American Mother's Day was celebrated in? [A]
21. What flower symbolizes Mothers Day? [A]
22. Mothers Day was suggest to be a day of ? [A]
23. What television mom drove a flowered bus? [A]
24. Americans started to set aside a day honoring Mothers during the Civil War? [A]
25. What was the first state to issue a proclamation for a day honoring mothers? [A]
26. When is Mother's Day celebrated on? [A]
27. Where was the first Mother's Day service held? [A]
28. Do men spend more money each year on their mothers or other females? [A]
29. Chinese family names usually start with signs associated with motherhood? [A]
30. Books by Mother Goose are on the top hot list for children? [A]
31. How long did Elvis Presley sleep in the same bed with his mother? [A]
32. When was Mother's Day officially declared? [A]
33. What is the one gift moms love on Mothers Day? [A]
34. What is the third most popular celebrated holiday? [A]
35. What did England call Mothers Day? [A]
36. In France, what is Mother's Day referred to as? [A]
37. Who was the mother of Jesus? [A]
38. Who sang Mother's Day Song? [A]
39. What mother claims to be the mother of 64 children? [A]
40. Where can you find great mothers day cards? [A]

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