Free Send To A Friend - Tell A Friend Service

Over recent times we have seen major "TAF" services go under or fail to provide service for prolonged periods of time. With poor monitoring and inadequate methods of contact, these services have left webmasters with sites that were unable to forward pages and/or ecards from their sites, basically bringing their sites to a standstill. Like us, many have made changes to ensure their sites functionality.

We choose to build our own tell a friend form in a fashion that is typically seen in ecard websites, with some added capabilities. The form allows a user to send to multiple recipients, sends a copy to the sender, logs the senders IP address and includes it in the email, is capable of building subscriber lists, can be post dated for up to 6 months in advance, uses a simple Captcha, (which can be clicked on to change the word), and prevents numerous failed emails by preventing miss-spelled email addresses from the @ sign thereafter. It also has the ability to ban specific email and IP address to assist in preventing abuse of the system.

We work with the ISP's to ensure the best possible delivery outcomes as possible and monitor our own systems, as our site depends on it's functionality. Of course this is not to say that we control the ISP's or how their spam filters re-act to the emails they receive from us. Typically, there will still be users who say that their friends did not get the card that was sent to them. We have found that a vast majority of those who claim that simply have not heard back from their friends, so they assume that the card was not received. Others periodically end up in the bulk sections of email, and some users delete the folders contents without ever looking. Then there are those whose friends never looked at the email, but instead clicked the "Spam Button". And finally, there are those who are careless, they fail at spelling, and do not pay attention to the corrective messages, and say that the security word was spelled right or that the email address was correct, when it was not the case. Every single day there are over 100 users who miss-spell with spellings like, and there are those who attempt to miss-spell on purpose. We have over 1400 variances of common ISP miss-spellings by users logged to increase delivery rates. There are over 350 common miss-spellings of hotmail related email addresses alone. Simple silly miss-spellings like:,, & @hotmail.coom which left alone would simply be a wasted email attempt, as well as a waste of the users time.

We invite you to give the system a try, it is in real time, and it will email you a link back to this page from the button below. If you would like to be considered for the usage of our free tell a friend service, send an email to:   Please include your name, email address, and your website for review and possible authorization, this system will only allow approved websites. You can not simply add the sending code, it will not work.