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There is a path along the river
Waiting just inside the gate
It flows with milk and honey
And is sure to seal your fate.

The way is straight and narrow
And few do heed its call
It quietly beckons to us
Just inside the garden wall.

The journey isn't easy
When we follow wayward friends
For all the worldly pleasure
Will cause our lives to end. 

It isn't found in neon lights
Nor where the wine does flow
The road to hell is paved so well
A way, you mustn't go. 

You want to know the secret
You'd like to find the way
The path along the river
Can be there for you today. 

Go to the Lord in prayer
He'll hear your humble call
The gate will slowly open
Just inside the garden wall.

The truth is found in scripture
The dead in Christ shall rise
The way will come before you
When you seek for paradise. 

Just reach out to the Father
He will take you by the hand
And together you will journey
To the sacred promised land.

� Poem by Marilyn Ferguson




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